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Jonathan values and builds long-lasting relationships with his clients.

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Meet Jonathan

Polished, playful and quantifiably trustworthy, Jonathan Pattie is your go-to guy for getting what you want in the Austin real estate market and beyond. He knows when to push the throttle and when to attenuate the signal. 

A native Texan with plenty of years in the Austin real estate market.

Prior to that he built high-end homes. As a project manager / General contractor of ultra-luxury homes he versed in the market he now navigates as a Realtor for buyers and sellers. By combining his strengths, Jonathan has become a qualified matchmaker for clients and ultra-luxury havens all over Austin. 

He is a man of his word. Get in the room with JP and he will share the view of higher expectations and will transition into deployment if hears the faintest whisper of the word go! His clients always feel taken care of and confident knowing he fiercely advocates for them. 

Jonathan is also a competitive cyclist (multiple State Championships) and regular Qi-gong practitioner. Racing has taught him the art of Winning. His 7 P’s are rules he lives by. This applies to real estate 

as well. The practice of preparation, patience and knowing when to make the move is a fully honed skill. All the while knowing that it doesn’t have to go perfect to be perfect. JP Radiates charisma and has a calm demeanor that makes you feel at home. 

In the decade Jonathan built luxury homes in Austin as a general contractor, he developed an intense eye for detail. Walk into a space with JP and he will help you see the details that make a house great as well as those ever-so-slight imperfections others may not see. Jonathan can provide a good read on what needs to happen to a home to get it to where you want it. Scope, schedule, price, exposure, Et cetera. Quality per square foot is his rule of measurement when evaluating a home. A major virtue of his is consistency and if you were to be introduced to Jonathan by a long time client and friend he’d say, “This is Jonathan……..he solves problems.”

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